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About Kittie Walker

Kittie Walker is the founder and CEO of Indigo Girl - Internet Marketing Services a marketing and training consultancy based in the united Kingdom. Indigo Girl is passionate about assisting SMEs to unlock their earnings potential through the use of holistic and ethical internet marketing campaigns.

Welcome to Indigo Girl on Business Marketing Answers.

Picture of Indigo Girl in a an indigo circle with a blue backgroundHi and welcome to my new blog hosted by Business Marketing Answers!

I am really excited to be part of the Business Marketing Answers project and I cannot wait for the forums to be up and running in a couple of months time.

My hopes for this blog is that it will become a resource to help businesses to connect better with their online market through the power of words.

Over the coming months I will be talking about the different types of writing and why it is so important that you use them correctly to attract potential customers to your site and then keep them coming back.

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