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how to get targeted traffic from customer insight

Targeted traffic is extremely important for conversion rates. To satisfy the needs of the traffic that you are targeting you have to carry out some customer analysis.

Think of it this way it’s like the lyrics of your favorite song. Isn’t truly compelling content the content that speaks to you personally? Whether the content garners a positive or negative response from the customer, gripping content is a must for a successful blog or website.

So is your content enthralling? Well that is a matter of perspective. We all view things from different angles. This in itself poses a bit of a problem because you cannot write content that will compel or be attractive to everyone.  There is a significant correlation between the customer that you are trying to attract and the type of content that you should be posting on your website or blog.

In order to work out what the most attractive content to your customer is, you need to gain customer insight. You do this by working out who your customer actually is and then you can start tailoring your content to their needs. Working out who your customer is can seem a little daunting but it needn’t pose too much of a challenge. You have to find out who they are or you cannot write for them. This does not cause an issue if you are writing for family, friends or a community that you are immersed in but how do you write for a customer whose community you are not immersed in?

There are some fairly simple types of research that you can carry out to identify who your customer is and what makes them tick. You should carry out the research with at least following questions in mind or make a list of questions that are more relevant to you. The important thing is that you should be actively researching:

  • What is the profile of my customer? e.g. location, gender, age, culture, values and beliefs, education, income and so on.

  • What are their needs and wants? e.g. the issues that your customer is looking to resolve by visiting your site or blog.
  • Who else is active in the same niche? e.g. what other sites, forums and communities are there around, what are their traffic levels, what is their content like, how is their site presented and how do they compare to you?

The third item in the list might surprise you but if the targeted website traffic that you are trying to attract is going to a competitor’s site rather than yours then there must be something there that attracts them and you need to work out what that is.

Next time we are going to look at some of the free tools that are available to help you carry out customer analytics and I will provide you with a worksheet that you can use to start building both customer and competitor profiles.

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