How I Get The Creativity of Writing Kick Started

Sometimes it can be really difficult to get into a writing frame of mind. Particularly because we have so many distractions around us.

Being creative is much easier if it is done first thing in your daily routine. Your mind will not have had much time to fill up with distractions especially if you do not connect in anyway to social media before you begin the process. You need to find a routine that suits you. One that you can actually do on a daily basis so that it does become part of your routine. Here is how my writing day starts:

1. Large cup of coffee, replace with the beverage of your choice!

2. Music – headphones go on.

3. My morning pages – morning pages are just a method of carrying out a brain dump so that your mind is totally clear. I alternate between using a journal for this and a great free website 750 words.

4. Set a timer for 30 minutes:-

Draft Article

Edit yesterday’s article and post to its destination

Organize research for next article

5. Break

6. Get on with your next task of the day!

The research for the next article is usually just bringing together all the material that you have collected into one source file. This makes you reread all the information discarding all the superfluous bits that you are not going to use.

The reason that I do this is that you read the information when you found it, rereading it for a second time in context with all the other material will help your mind work on the content before you actually start writing the next day. This can avoid not knowing where to start!

This is my routine. Do you have a similar routine or do you approach it totally differently?

Please use the comment section to add comments about my routine or your own.

For the tools that I use as I write see My Top 5 Writing Companions

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Kittie Walker is the founder and CEO of Indigo Girl - Internet Marketing Services a marketing and training consultancy based in the united Kingdom. Indigo Girl is passionate about assisting SMEs to unlock their earnings potential through the use of holistic and ethical internet marketing campaigns.
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23 Responses to How I Get The Creativity of Writing Kick Started

  1. Stopping by from SITS 31DBBB – if I was this organized I would probably get a lot more done 😉 My blogging is consistently random – content is consistent, posting is random. I tend to do it when I finish something (I’m a crafter & baker) so my posts are connected to how quick I can get things done. I will say though the 31DBBB has kept me busy from getting anything done {besides blog improvements!} Maybe I will catch up soon.

    • indigogirl says:

      Wow I have just visited your site, you must be extremely organized to bake those exquisite looking treats. I am not precise enough for baking, my cooking is really throw it all together and hope for the best. Most of the time it turns out well but that is more by luck than by judgement!

      I guess it is not possible to be organized in all areas of our lives, that would be really boring, right? As a full time writer I find that I need to have a system in place to get myself focused for the day.

      It’s all about finding what suits you and gets you motivated to start that next task!

  2. Maranda says:

    This is a wonderful list! I’ve been feeling the itch to write lately! I’ve never thought about putting headphones on. Great tips. And that reminds me….I really need to go make some coffee! What am I doing?!?!?! LOL! Have a great day! PS. Visiting from SITS.

  3. Great List Post! I needed to read that! Lately I have had so many distractions when I write – It drives me crazy. Headphones? I don’t know if I could write with music in my head. I will have to give it a try.
    Thanks for stopping by Peek at My Paper and Linking-Up.
    Good Luck with the rest of your 31Dbbb Challenges.

    • indigogirl says:

      Thanks! You’ll laugh but sometime I sit there with the headphones on with no music playing…I find that different moods have to be treated in their own ways. One thing that I cannot do whilst writing is listen to talk radio because that just distracts me. I’d loveto know how you get on.

    • indigogirl says:

      Thanks! You’ll laugh but sometime I sit there with the headphones on with no music playing…I find that different moods have to be treated in their own ways. One thing that I cannot do whilst writing is listen to talk radio because that just distracts me. I’d love to know how you get on.

  4. Wonderful list. I am making this post a favorite and looking at it daily for inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  5. vickie says:

    Good post! My blogging tend to be a bit random. I’m working on being consistant, but I find jewelry making for my etsy site, and working on travel articles for a future project, tend to come first.

    I ‘m working on starting my day, as you suggested with coffee and writing. Just get the creative process going, putting ideas down, and then coming back to edit later is working for me.

  6. Natalie says:

    I’m with Sunny Bug- I can’t post something until I make something, so adding this challenge into my life has put a twist in things that I had not anticipated. I sort of feel like I’m standing at a fork in the road with lots and lots and lots (and lots) of tines/paths to choose from. Overwhelmed to say the least. My dream right now is to craft and blog professionally, but I have at least a year until that happens, so I will see how this journey goes. I will save your process, though, as when my kids are in school and I actually get some time to myself, I may use it! You have a great blog! Go 31DBB!

    • indigogirl says:

      @Natalie it’s all about baby steps, breaking it down into small manageable pieces. Long articles or documents obviously take me way longer than 30 minutes to write but with lots of sets of 30 minutes you get so much more done and son’t get so overwhelmed! It will get easier once the kids are at school (I have 2 teenagers).

      Let me know how it goes if you get a chance : )

  7. vanita says:

    i had a routine, now it’s out of whack. i should be writing at night, after bedtime, but i’ve been so drained by the end of the day. need to get back on track!
    i usually write at night and edit first thing the next morning while driving my first cup of joe. i’ll hit the rss reader on the train and i’ll comment throughout the day as i get the chance. by bedtime i’ve got my next post formulated.
    thanks for stopping by and sharing the comment love! i noticed your latest posts and plan to subscribe so i can benefit from your powers of marketing.
    thanks for sharing.

  8. Dionne White says:

    Gotta ask, are the morning pages a la Julia Cameron from The Right to Write? Thanks for the comps on my website, I was little worried about it earlier on, thought I looked a little spartan but now find when I am investigating other sites there is too much happening. This also slows down load time. One of the really positive things that I consistantly get feedback on is how fast our site is. Must admit, when sites are slow I avoid them unless I have to be there. Looks like we share a similar aesthetic.

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  10. Marie says:

    This is a wonderfully inspiring list! The most appealing thing is it’s simplicity and adaptability. You present it in such a user friendly way that right away I was thinking about how I could make it work for me.

    The headphones are not for me. I LOVE music, but after raising four children I crave silence. lol

    I love the tip about 750 Words. What a brilliant idea. I used to do Morning Pages religiously and they were so powerful in my life, but I drifted out of the habit.

    Thanks for this post!

    • Hi Marie, thanks for the comment. It is so easy to get out of the habit of doing morning pages but I always seem to find my way back to them. It makes a real difference to what I manage to achieve in a given day.

  11. Great tips! I especially love the idea that you do it in the morning before your mind fills up– so true!

  12. Thank you for this great information! I can certainly use a routine and be more productive in a shorter amount of time. I’ll surely be referring to your site often!

  13. Deb says:

    I love simple, doable lists. In February, I had a goal of writing something everyday. I only missed a couple of days that month. It was great getting things out of my head, whether it made it to my blog or not. Then a new job and life gets in the way. I’m itching to get back to a routine of some sort. Morning pages are a great idea, although mine will probably be evening pages due to my work schedule. I agree that music helps – I like reggae or Caribbean-type music. Something with a funky beat that puts me in a good mood but nothing that I can sing along to because that’s too distracting. Thanks for the post! (PS. I found you on SITS!)

  14. Mrs. O says:

    Stopping by from #31DBBB!

    Great article, especially for me as a new blogger. I appreciate the ideas!

    Mrs. O

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