Writing – Why Are Moments of Inspiration so Elusive

Some white clouds in a blue skyWe need to find inspiration to write. There are plenty of tools, exercises and methodologies out there to help us to generate ideas. Many of these are great and once you find the ones that suit your style then you can have an endless supply of ideas. My concern in this post is mainly about those sparks of genius that often come at the most inappropriate of times, when we are least prepared for them:

When you are rushing out of the door, going through your “leaving the house” routine. Locking everything up and recapping the mental check-list of everything you need to achieve before you can return home.

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Devious Link Building or Just Normal Business Practice

SEO - Ethical Backlinks - Indigo GirlDevious link building or just normal business practice –  A little bit of background to start with, I run two businesses an ethical online marketing agency and a social enterprise which is a training business. Online marketing and training are two highly competitive market places to be in. Have I ever needed to stoop to underhanded tactics in order to get ahead in either of my businesses? No I have not. I did however work in the financial services industry for almost 20 years so I am not naive. I am fairly well acquainted with shady business practices and doing anything to get the competitive advantage.

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How to Get More Traffic – Customer Insight

how to get targeted traffic from customer insight

Targeted traffic is extremely important for conversion rates. To satisfy the needs of the traffic that you are targeting you have to carry out some customer analysis.

Think of it this way it’s like the lyrics of your favorite song. Isn’t truly compelling content the content that speaks to you personally? Whether the content garners a positive or negative response from the customer, gripping content is a must for a successful blog or website.

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Are You Publishing Too Soon?

Have you ever looked back on an article or a post the day after you have hit the publish button and thought “arghh I wish I had not published that”.

It is something that most of us have experienced as writers at sometime or another. The problem is very common because we get emotionally invested in our writing (which is a good thing). We want to share our thoughts with people as soon as possible once we have expressed them in writing. The excitement or heat of the moment makes us hit that publish button when in fact what we should do is put the article on the back burner for at least a few hours.

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How to Get More Traffic – Are we Boring Our Readers!

Question Do You Bore Your ReadersAs a teacher and a writer one of the hardest things to convey is the importance of writing with your customer in mind. When I started this blog to accompany the forthcoming Business Marketing Answers forums I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to carry out a little research. I really wanted to see how much writing style really matters when it comes to generating targeted traffic in this new age of information overload. What do you think I discovered?

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My Top 5 Writing Companions

Organization and being able to access information as quickly as possible is very important to me. Multitasking whether it’s because you have multiple businesses, multiple clients, multiple responsibilities, all of the above can be tricky. I am always on the lookout for tools that will help me make the best use of my time. All of the tools listed below are free. I have them bookmarked to my writing tool-bar and they are my constant companions whilst I write (all other than the first one):

Image of Dark Room screenDark Room

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How I Get The Creativity of Writing Kick Started

Sometimes it can be really difficult to get into a writing frame of mind. Particularly because we have so many distractions around us.

Being creative is much easier if it is done first thing in your daily routine. Your mind will not have had much time to fill up with distractions especially if you do not connect in anyway to social media before you begin the process. You need to find a routine that suits you. One that you can actually do on a daily basis so that it does become part of your routine. Here is how my writing day starts:

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Search Engine Optimization Why You Ought To Be At Its Cutting Edge

descriptive works relating to online marketing SEO, social media, viralMarketing yourself, your product or your service is a vital part of any business. E-commerce can be a great way to enhance your revenue but due to the amount of people, vying for the same business it is vital that you understand and employ the latest trends in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or employ a specialist to do it for you.  Even if you are going to outsource your SEO needs, you will still need to arm yourself with the proper expertise and know which tools to employ in order to ensure that your site is a cut above the rest.

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Copywriting – 7 Reasons Why You Must Invest In Article Writing

Copywriting - page of a book communication highlightedBusiness has always been a cutthroat proposition, the advent of the internet means that we can now easily sell to more markets but that has also brought about increased competition in all market places that we enter. With E-commerce, our goal is to attract as much traffic to our websites as possible so that we can convert a proportion of those visitors to sales. In most market places conversion rates are fairly static so the easiest way to increase our sales is to increase the traffic to our website.

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